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Wedding Dance Lessons in Los Angeles

There are shortcuts to
Love & Happiness
and Dancing
is one of them...

An Award winning & Highest rated  Premium Partnership and Wedding Dance Company in California

Learn Ballroom, Salsa and Bachata Dancing and Spice up your everyday life with your partner from convenience of your Home.

Image by Marius Muresan

Why choose us ?

Euphoria Dance LA 
specializes in all Partnership dances including Latin, Ballroom &
custom wedding dance 
choreography, because dancing with your Partner is beginning of your new Love Story.

Moses, L

Leor, H

This Lesson was excellent from start to finish. My wife and I had so much fun learning to dance, a truly unique and cool lesson.

Yolanda, C

Avissh is THE BEST. We had an unforgettable time celebrating our birthdays with a (bucket list) with Salsa dance lesson.

Melissa, M

My fiancé and I cannot say enough good things about our dance instructor Avissh!  He is friendly, attentive and flexible.  More importantly he understood our timeline and our needs.  An overall pleasure to work with

Why us

Avissh really listens to what you want, is super creative, and best of all does everything with a sense of humour.

Alisha, A

Avissh will take great care of you and show you a good time, thank you again!!” -

Anjali, M

This experience made for a perfect date night

Jerome, S

My girlfriend and I will never forget this lesson and we WILL keep dancing! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to try something new, and build chemistry with their partner.

Robert, D

Avissh was amazing! We did 6 lessons with him to work on our first dance for our wedding. He was friendly, patient, punctual, and encouraging. We went from being nervous and lacking confidence, to having fun practicing our new dance steps, to absolutely crushing our first dance, and the pictures and video came out amazing!

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