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Unique Dance Experience!

Euphoria LA started one of a kind, unique dance experience that gives you chance to learn 3-4 Latin dances with professional instruction and to go out and practice those moves at some of the best places in LA. You will be actually dancing salsa rather than just admiring others at the floor!

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Avissh's experience was one of the best nights I've ever had in LA. Everything was perfect, from the lesson to the super fun speakeasy afterwards where we got to skip the line with VIP treatment due to Avissh's connections. Learning to dance from a passionate teacher and getting to immediately apply it in the most lit setting right afterwards is the best way to do it. Made for an extremely unique night that I will remember for a long time.




Wow what an amazing experience , way more than what we expected. After our dancing lesson we went to a Cuban bar to practice has the best margarita, the place was authentic. This is what I call a True experience. We were talking about it for days after the event.




We had a great time! This experience made for a perfect date night, and Avissh is a very talented and helpful teacher. I was in LA for 4 years and went clubbing a lot, but the club he took us to was a very unique experience and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique experience!




This was an amazing experience , meeting Avissh and learning to dance ! His passion and study of the art of dance is extraordinary! The people I met also attending class became fast friends I was so blessed to meet them . The big surprise was the place we went to dance - coolest place yet I have been too in LA !!! I was so happy I got out of my comfort zone and picked this Class - evening out , I’m now committed to taking salsa dancing lessons !!!! This is also something you can sign up for solo and immediately bond with the group . Avissh has the god given gift to bring people together to learn and thru dance find joy. I have never met an unhappy person dancing ! Don’t miss out on this it will be a memory one keeps forever Nan Haverty Founder of The Haverty Group/Intown Country & Coastal Real-Estate Founded (Phone number hidden)




I highly recommend Avissh and this dancing experience to EVERYONE! I have never danced before, but I was willing to learn for my girlfriend. After this experience, I now have more confidence, knowledge, skill and appreciation for Latin music and dances. Avissh taught us the basic steps for the merengue, salsa and bachata in 45 minutes at his dance studio. He was very patient, encouraging and supportive. Then, he took us to a beautiful Latin theme bar/lounge, La Descarga, where we practiced dancing with live music. My girlfriend and I had an amazing time! Now, I'm excited to learn and practice dancing some more, and I have less anxiety. Dancing can be fun.



Avissh was an excellent teacher and went well above what I was expecting. My fiance and I truly enjoyed our lesson with him as well as going to the Speakeasy afterwards. His teaching style was efficient and under his eye we were able to learn quickly. Beyond the exceptional lessons, he displayed a truly personable attitude and was a joy to talk to throughout our time with him. I would highly recommend Avissh to any that wish to learn Salsa (or other Latin dances) and have a very enjoyable evening.



Avissh will make beginners feel full of confidence. He knows how to break down the sometimes intimidating art of Latin dance. By the end of the night, I felt like I knew what the hell I was kind of doing. My girlfriend, who is a bit more experienced than me in salsa, merengue, bachata was definitely appreciative and pleased with the experience. She said it was the most fun she ever had on her birthday. I can’t disagree. Perfect formula. Learn the basics and some tools for adding flair at the studio. Then, meet back up with the group for a seemingly endless night in an exclusive “speak easy” that will give you the most unique going-out experience. It was a breath of fresh air from typical Hollywood bars and clubs. Avissh is very knowledgeable about the scene and he’s a great guy to know in the dancing world.




I cannot recommend this more! My husband and I are not good dancers, there I said it — but with Avissh, anything is possible. We celebrated our ten year anniversary this way, and I just say — we could not have had more fun! I see many nights of salsa dancing in our future — thank you so much for such a wonderful evening! 10 Stars!!!!!!!!!!



Avissh is an amazing instructor! Luckily for my date and I we ended up getting a private lesson at Dance 101, where we went through salsa, bichata, merengue, and tango. His professional background really shines when it comes to his insights and answering questions. As awesome as the lesson is, what takes the experience to the next level is meeting him at La Descarga, and getting to practice in real time with a live band. The ambiance is amazing, and being that I was only in LA for a week, this was the highlight of my trip. Also seeing him in action gives you a great metric to strive for. Thank you Avissh for the instruction and when I come back I will definitely book another lesson with you.




We have taken 100's of dance lessons through the years, and have never before experienced anyone like Avissh. He can teach even a total novice the 3 most popular Latin dances in a flash - at least enough for you to have a whole new experience on the dance floor of any club. He is so welcoming, warm, generous, and easy-going, you will have fun no matter what! Plus you are getting such great value from the cost of this experience - it's worth a lot more than he's charging (so, book this quick before he finds out he can charge more!). After the lesson you can practice your moves at one of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles! Get your friends and don't miss out on this awesome evening.