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It’s not about steps, it’s about being with your partner and trusting your partner.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Euphoria Dance LA Wedding Ballroom Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles

Ok so you start dance lessons and you are learning all these cool steps but the first thing I always tell my couples is that it is not about the steps. It’s about being present with your partner, trusting your partner, having that connection with your partner that you always have, smile. I even encourage them to keep talking while they are dancing. It’s totally fine!

Partnership dancing is about lead and follow. And it’s not difficult and you don’t have to learn that. For example if your partner takes your hand and starts walking, you will walk with him, right? Because you trust him. Dancing is the same! He takes your hand and you trust him and then you both start dancing. That’s all it is. You just have to trust your partner and be present with your partner. All other things will fall in place after that.

Tip: Don’t teach each other, leave that on the professional!

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