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We cannot say enough good things about Euphoria.LA

Avissh was a patient and quick teacher. We took the 10 dance lessons and started with the basics steps. Once we learned basic footwork, we coordinated our first dance. I was worried that it would look cliché but it was the perfect dance and the best teacher! At our wedding people RAVED about the first dance and said it was very personal to our style. Avissh is great!!! Also, big PERK - he taught us how to dip so that it looks beautiful in photos and it totally paid off!

-Rebecca and Raymond White

Avissh is a wonderfully energetic and motivating person to be around.


Right from the first lesson, he made us feel comfortable to be ourselves and he was a great instructor. We loved combining Bachata, salsa and Bollywood in one lesson. We will definitely be learning from him as long as possible!

-Savita Reis


At the wedding, the pressure was on.  At least in my head, but I kept hearing Avissh in my head "no matter what, don't stop".


I didn't stop even when I did make a mistake.  No one but me (and my daughter) noticed.  We even had to improvise a little because we never practiced with her dress on.  But I felt confident enough to do it.

I believe we wowed them at the wedding.  My other daughter said our dance made her cry "happy tears" and it is a memory I will cherish for the rest of my lift.  Can't wait for the video :-)
Thank you Avissh!
I highly recommend him.

-Howard Wilczynski

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Whether you are a LA resident or just stopping by the city for travel and leisure, don’t miss the chance to spend a night on the town with Avissh and Euphoria LA you will have an experience of a lifetime.

See you on the dance floor.

-Tim Colutas



Avissh will make beginners feel full of confidence. He knows how to break down the sometimes intimidating art of Latin dance.


We can’t thank you enough for the unique and spectacular experience. Itzel said it was the best birthday she ever had. I think she loves me more now than ever, thanks to you. 

-Christopher and Itzel

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