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Make Memories

Make Memories

Latin and Balroom Lessons


Private ballroom & latin dance lessons are designed for anyone interested in ballroom or latin dancing for fun or any special occasions. Both SINGLES and COUPLES are welcome.

Private Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons are perfect,

if you ...

  • want to learn at your own pace

  • want to learn better and progress faster

  • are getting ready for a special event

  • are a beginner and get nervous dancing with other people

  • are a seasoned dancer wanting to refine your dancing skills

  • are celebrating a special occasion

  • have a busy schedule or limited time


Dances we teach: Tango, Swing, Rumba, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, and Bollywood.

Each private lesson is typically 60 minutes long. The last 5 minutes will be used for scheduling. 2-hour lessons can also be scheduled to help you get the most out of your lesson

Wedding Dance Lessons
Your first dance should be special, like your love story

Euphoria provides private wedding dance lessons in styles including Ballroom (Waltz, Cha cha, Tango, Rumba etc.), Latin (Salsa, Bachata), Swing, and even Bollywood! So make your first dance special and center piece on your wedding day, with unique and fun choreography with one of these styles or even combination of multiple styles.


With years of experience teaching beginners choreographed or semi choreographed routines, we also teach father-daughter wedding dance or mother-son wedding dance and also, wedding group dances like Bridesmaids Dance.


No more swaying side to side or just box steps. Just bring your wedding song and your loved one and find out a new way to connect with your partner and make a new dance partner for life!

We teach a variety of wedding dance lessons, and you can choose from one of the packages below.

Happy Couple Wedding Dance Lesson Euphoria LA
Happy Couple

5 Private lessons. Expect to learn 2 to 5 different patterns for your first dance. You will learn to have fun and actually dance than just sway from side to side.

Make Memories Lessons Couple Wedding Dance Lesson Euphoria LA
Make Memories

10 Private lessons. Learning and memorizing the moves with start, finish and dips that goes with your vision and song for your wedding dance. You will start to feel more confident and comfortable with each other while dancing.

Wow the audience Couple Wedding Dance Lesson Euphoria LA
Wow the Audience

15 Private lessons. A complete choreography with entrance and exit along with options to incorporate tricks to wow the crowd. You will learn to communicate with each other thru bodies by lead & follow, and owning the routine of your wedding dance.

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